Rapsberry pi3 - New electronic compositions

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Rapsberry pi3 - New electronic compositions

Postby gennargiu » Sat Jul 14, 2018 6:29 am

Hi friend i have a realized two new composition on raspberry pi3 and Waveform 9 Tracktion software on Ubuntu 16.04 lts arm version :D

Mr Loop


Mr Loops on Raspberry pi3 and Waveform Tracktion 9 and Fm Synth + Reverb and Delay effects of Tracktion - Ubuntu mate 16.04 lts arm version system

Mr Loop 2


Mr Loop 2
Gennaro Giugliano uses : Raspberry pi3,Ubuntu Mate 16.04 lts (arm version) Waveform 9 Tracktion,Loops,Openshot (editing video) U-Pulse Lite ( video recording)

Mr Loops 3


Mr Loops 3
Gennaro Giugliano uses Raspberry Pi3,Ubuntu Mate 16.04 lts system (arm version) Waveform 9 Tracktion,Loops,Plug in Waveform, U-Pulse lite (video recording),Openshot (editing video) Behriger Podcast Studio usb
Hp Elite 8200 3,1 Ghz - 16 Giga Ram Hd 2 Terabyte - Av Linux 64 (Debian Stretch 9 based + Repo kxstudio) - Ardour 5,12 - Mixbus 5
Asus X54c - Debian Stretch+Repo kx Studio-Ardour 5.12- Mixbus 5-RPI3 + Raspbian Stretch

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